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What to expect from an allergy test

Being a mother can make you paranoid about a lotof things – sneezing, bodies of water, sharp objects, the list goes on. One ofthe last things you want to be doing with your child is taking them to aclinic where they get poked and prodded with needles.

One of our goals when starting Aspire Alelrgy & Sinus was to offer the best food and environmental allergy testing experience by making it painless and easy. Here’s what you can expectfrom a children’s allergy test at our clinics.

Allergy testing kids is not scary or painful

One thing you won’t hear from patients thatvisit us is that the testing process was “worse than they imagined”. One ofour main focuses as a clinic is that every patient visiting our clinic islooked after diligently and cared for with the utmost respect.

I believe in the patient experience that we give itat our clinics, so I brought my 15-month-old daughter, Blake, in for food allergy testing. After seeing herhave food allergy reactions and persistent eczema, I felt she needed to see anallergy expert.

The medical staff at our clinics are incrediblyknowledgeable and capable for any sort of allergies that a child could besuffering from.

The allergy testing process is less than 60 seconds 

Alot of people get scared when they hear that an appointment for children takesabout 60 minutes. The first thing that pops into most people’s minds iswatching their child squirm and scream while our staff pokes them with amillion different things for an hour!

In reality, the actual testing process itselflasts less than 60 seconds. The rest of the time is spent waiting for results, talkingabout the allergies your child has, and the treatment plan that works best foryou and your child.  

Much of the time will be spent doing what may feellike “sitting around”. We need to give time after the testing to see if acertain allergen has a reaction, so a good amount of the time during allergy testing is waiting for for that reaction to present itself. While sitting around for an hour sounds like it could be tough to do with achild, we’ve got that covered too.

Ourclinics have Wi-Fi, in-room TV, snacks, and toys for the kids

All of our locations have Wi-Fi available so you’llbe connected to the outside world while undergoing the testing process.

If Wi-Fi isn’t enough to occupy you and yourchild’s time, we have Netflix and Hulu located on TV’s in every room. Feelinghungry? We have plenty of snacks available for you and your little one whileyou wait. We even have coffee if you need a pick-me-up during the day.

If none of those are enough for your kiddo, wehave a chest filled with coloring books, puzzles and toys to occupy their time.

Numbingcream is helpful and optional

One thing that we offer to all children beingtested is a prescription numbing cream that reduces the itching caused by thetest. This can be very helpful so the child doesn’t feel the prick of theapplicator, only some pressure as the antigens are placed on their back.

The cream is optional for parents that don’t feel thatit’s necessary, but it does seem to help with the process to make it easier foreveryone! Don’t be worried about using too much, the more you put on the more numb your child’s back becomes.

Testingresults are same day and accurate, and will give you an understanding of whatcan be dangerous to your child

A lot of people have this preconceived notion thatallergy testing is done through blood testing and results are sent back days toweeks after the appointment. While blood testing is an option, most ofour tests are prick or skin tests which result in same day results.

Really the only thing that you’ll be waiting on isthe body to respond to the allergens. Skin tests are usually more accurate thana blood test, and you won’t need to make another appointment to have a consultwith our allergy experts.

We brought Blake in for a food allergy testbecause she was having reactions to foods she was eating. She also has eczemathat never goes away despite trying just about every over-the-counter treatmentand prescription creams. We learned from the test that she had a major allergyto peanuts and that we would need to carry an EpiPen for her and have one ather school in case of emergency. I had no idea her food allergy was that bad! Wealso learned that with children so young, reactions can get worse over time sohaving the Epi-Pen is even more important. Thankfully, the test brought our attentionto this before a life-threatening reaction occurred.  

It goes without saying how important it is foryour child to be allergy tested if you’re already seeingsigns of allergic reactions. At Aspire Allergy & Sinus, we provide an allergy testing experience that is safe, easy, and painless.

- Allie Thompson, CEO

Aspire Allergy & Sinus