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What Are Allergy Drops and How Do They Treat Allergies?

In this podcast, Dr. Overstreet explains what allergy drops are, and how they work. She also covers the benefits of allergy drops versus allergy shots, the difference between allergy drops and over-the-counter antihistamines, and the most common treatment plan for allergy drops.

Haley Overstreet, MD

Why is Early Introduction to Allergenic Foods Important?

Dr. Savannah Sommerhalder leads a discussion about how and why introducing high allergy risk foods to your child early is important.

Savannah Sommerhalder, MD

What Are Allergies & How Do People Develop Allergies?

Dr. Eric Schmitt discusses what happens inside the body when someone has allergies, the immune system's response, and how allergies are treated.

Eric J. Schmitt

How To Know If You Have Allergies Or A Sinus Issue

Dr. Suresh Raja explores the underlying causes of sinus issues, what symptoms can be present, and how to treat them.

How Allergy Treatment Can Prevent Asthma in Children

Untreated allergies can make asthma worse by causing inflammation in the lungs that can lead to an asthma attack. The same allergens that trigger allergy flares—like dust mites, pollen, mold, and pet dander—can also trigger an asthma attack, which is why it's important to get allergies under control sooner than later.

William Storms, MD

Do You Still Believe These Allergy Myths: Myths Debunked!

Dr. Richard Wachs discusses and debunks common allergy myths, like if pets are truly hypo-allergenic, does local honey actually work, and more!

Richard Wachs, MD

Why Allergies Are Worse in the Morning & How To Treat It

Do you wake up with morning headaches, feeling congested, or sniffling? Dr. Sommerhalder explains why your allergies may be worse in the morning and what you can do about it.

Savannah Sommerhalder, MD

Antihistamines: Not the Allergy Solution You Think They Are

For many allergy suffers anti-histamines are the main tool in their tool belt, but for when that daily pill doesn't cut it, there has got to be other solutions for relief, right? We discuss this conundrum with Dr. Chris Thompson, founder of Aspire Allergy & Sinus.

Chris Thompson, MD

What Is Chronic Sinusitis?

Is your nose always stuffing? Do you have postnasal drip cough or throat clearing? Thick discolored discharge from the nose? Well, maybe you have chronic sinusitis. So what is it? What do you need to know about it and how is it treated? Let's learn more with Dr. Paul Fulmer an ENT Doctor and Otolaryngologist at Aspire Allergy and Sinus.

Paul Fulmer, MD

How To Know What Allergy Treatment Is Right For Me?

Allergies are miserable. Which is why treating them for good can be life changing. But what treatment is right for you? Dr. Haley Overstreet at Aspire Allergy & Sinus discusses the options for allergy-sufferers that they may not know exist.

Haley Overstreet, MD

Food Allergies In Kids Are Increasing, But There Are Options

Dr. Nana Mireku, allergist at Aspire Allergy & Sinus, discusses the rising diagnoses of food allergies in children.

This Procedure Can Eliminate Your Allergies in Just 8 Weeks

ExACT Immunoplasty is perfect for the person who can't remember to take their allergy drops every day or can't make their schedule work to come in every week for an allergy shot. Chris Thompson, MD, discusses how the therapy works and who is the best candidate for this treatment option.

Chris Thompson, MD

Untreated Allergies in Kids

When allergies are left untreated, the result comes in the form of sinus infections, ear infections, and sometimes chest infections. This not only impacts kids' school and work attendance, but also performance. Dr. Kirk Waibel discusses the various health impacts untreated allergies have, as well as how they can lead to both unproductive behavior in the classroom and unforeseen costs.

Kirk Waibel, MD

Chronic Cough and How It Can Be Related to Allergies

William Storms, MD, discusses chronic cough and how it might be connected to allergies. He shares the best way to discover what's triggering chronic cough and treatment options.

William Storms, MD

Oral Immunotherapy Gives Hope to Those with Food Allergies

Oral Immunotherapy, known as OIT, gives people, mostly kids, the ability to become turn foods that were once life-threatening into some of their favorites. Imagine a child who was never allowed to freely go trick-or-treating be able to dive in to their stash on Halloween night with no issues? Or a child who always had to bring their own food to the birthday party finally be able to join in with the others without being isolated? Stacy Silvers, MD, shares what OIT can do by slowly introducing tiny amounts of the food into the body over the course of 6-8 months.

Stacy Silvers, MD

The Balloon Sinuplasty Procedure & How it Changes Your Life

People suffer for years with multiple sinus infections, not being able to fully breathe out of one or both sides of the nose, sinus pressure, and sinus headaches. They think there's not much to be done other than take OTC medications to try and mask the symptoms. Balloon Sinuplasty is a fast and easy, minimally invasive procedure that is performed in the office and gets patients feeling better overall with minimal down time. Dr. Suresh Raja discusses the procedure, who is a candidate, and shares some success stories.