Allergy Shots for Environmental & Seasonal Allergies

Experience relief from seasonal and environmental allergies with allergy shots from Aspire Allergy & Sinus. Our board certified allergists are here to create a custom plan designed to treat your unique allergy profile. Allergy shots can help you get back to living your best quality life – schedule an appointment to get started today!
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An Effective Way To Get Real Relief From Allergies

Allergy shots can be used to treat seasonal and environmental allergies like molds, pollen, dust, and animal dander. We offer allergy shots for adults and children five years of age or older. We do not treat insect venom allergies or food allergies with shots.

Allergy shots can give noticeable relief in the first year, but it’s important to stay on them for at least five years for permanent immunity. Studies show that 85% of people will achieve long-term immunity when using allergy shots for the recommended length of time.

Allergy Shots for Adults and Children

How Do Allergy Shots Work?

Allergy shots treat seasonal and environmental allergies by slowly introducing small amounts of allergens to your system. Over time, these incremental injections build up your tolerance to the things you’re allergic to and provide long term relief.

The initial phase of allergy shot treatment begins with an escalating dose of allergens with each shot. The patient will then stay on a maintenance injection every week for a year. After the first year, injections can be spaced to every three or six weeks. There is no universal protocol for ending the injections. The decision to end injection allergy treatment relies on the patient's individual needs.

What Should I Know Before I Start Allergy Shots?

Allergy shots for adults and children are a highly effective way of treating seasonal and environmental allergies. After your allergy test, your allergist will help you determine if allergy shots are the right treatment option for you, but here are a few things to know before your consultation:

Side Effects of Allergy Shots

Allergy shots are considered safe, but several possible side effects have been associated with allergy shot treatment. Most commonly “local reactions" occur, which can include redness, swelling, and itching near the site of the injection. Local reactions may develop immediately or hours after receiving the shots. Ice and antihistamines are effective treatments which can provide relief for local reactions.

Anaphylaxis can also occur following injections. Numerous studies show only a minimal chance of experiencing an anaphylactic reaction after injections. The vast majority happen within half an hour of the injection being administered, which is why we require all allergy patients receiving injections to remain in the office for 30 minutes afterward. For more clinical research, explore our clinical data page.

Timeline for Relief

For long-term relief, treatment with allergy shots for adults and children generally takes between three and five years. However, some patients began to experience some symptom relief after a few months of the initial build up phase.

Allergy Shots vs. Allergy Drops

Many patients are interested in comparing allergy shots and allergy drops as possible treatment options. Check out the chart below to understand key differences between the two:

Experience Relief With Allergy Shots

If you think allergy shots may be right for you, or would like more information, call our office or request an appointment to consult with one of our board-certified allergists. We’re here to help you get started on the road to relief!

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