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How Allergy Testing Works:

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Allergy testing at Aspire Allergy & Sinus is an easy, streamlined process designed to quickly get you the relief you need. Our allergy panels cover up to 58 allergens to help identify your seasonal and environmental allergies. After your allergy test, an Aspire allergist will create a custom treatment plan designed for your unique allergy profile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does allergy testing take?

Allergy testing appointments typically take 90 minutes, but may take longer depending on the results of the test and the consultation time with your provider.

What allergens do you test for?

Our allergy tests cover a panel for up to 58 allergens, including molds, tree pollen, weeds, pets, and other lesser known but common allergens.

We do not test for venom allergies.

How much does allergy testing cost?

The cost of allergy testing can vary depending on if you decide to use insurance, if your deductible has been met, and how much the insurance company will cover. We offer self-pay rates of $695 for adult allergy testing and and $400 for pediatric allergy testing.

For more detailed price information, please click here.

Will my insurance cover allergy testing?

We accept many forms of insurance, including Medicare. Please note that even if we accept your insurance, many insurance providers will not cover the cost of allergy testing unless the deductible has been met. Your specific plan will determine how much of a benefit will be applied.

Learn more about insurance benefits and allergy testing costs here.

How should I prepare for my environmental allergy test?

In order for your allergy test to be as accurate as possible, refrain from taking allergy medications and treatments for at least five days before your appointment. It’s also necessary to consult with a nurse before your appointment if you’re on any prescription medications.

Learn more about allergy test prep and recommendations for medication here.

Once I receive my allergy test, what types of treatments are available?

After your allergy test, your allergist will consult with you and create a custom treatment plan based on your unique needs. Treatment may include allergy shots, allergy drops, or ExACT Immunoplasty.

Does Aspire also offer food allergy testing?

Yes! We offer food allergy testing, but this is a separate testing process with unique treatment options. Please consult with your allergist for more information.

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Did you know?
Allergies affect over 50 million people in the United States.

Adult Allergy Testing

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Pediatric Allergy  Testing

We perform allergy testing on children as young as four months old. Patients under two years will have a limited testing panel.

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