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Sinus relief, at last

Learn more about minimally invasive sinus procedures to treat chronic sinus conditions.

Say goodbye to sinus issues

Feeling a constant pressure in your face, cheekbones, nose or forehead? Have a runny nose that just never seems to go away? Or how about trouble breathing through your nose when lying down, or even at all?

If this sounds like you, we can help.

If you experience any of the following symptoms, schedule a consultation with one of our board-certified sinus surgeons:

  • Two or more sinus infections in a year
  • Pressure and pain in your face / sinus area
  • Thick or discolored drainage from your nose
  • Loss of smell

Start Your Journey To Sinus Relief TODAY!

Discover Balloon Sinuplasty

Breathe better, live better -- all thanks to one simple, 15-minute in-office procedure with minimal recovery time.

Take back your life in 4 simple steps

Step 1.

Request a sinus consultation

Step 2.

Review your CT scan and determine whether a procedure is right for you

Step 3.

Choose the best treatment plan with your provider

Step 4.

Get back to living your life!

Patient Testimonials

"Would definitely recommend it to anyone."

My experience with the Sinuplasty, was well worth it all. Years of sinuses problems.  I was all my life pretty much was given medications to cover up the problem. Pressure coughing, bending over, congestion at night and sometimes during the day, has been eliminated. And would definitely recommend it to anyone. Thank you Paul Fulmer and your staff.

- Darlissa W.

"The results of this procedure have been excellent!"

The results of this procedure have been excellent! Dr Fulmer's patient care is outstanding. I would highly recommend having this procedure done for anyone who struggles with chronic sinus issues!

- Hayden B.

"I would definitely recommend this place."

My experience at Aspire Allergy was super. The surgery was quick, the doctor was excellent, the nurses were helpful. The recovery was normal and uneventful. I have much less congestion than I had before. I would definitely recommend this place.

- Ruthie H.


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