June 19, 2018

Meet Janie, Who’s Now Living Life Allergy Free

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2015 was one of the worst years for Janie Miramontes’s allergies. Nothing was working for her symptoms and the year was filled with back to back sinus infections.

“My allergies were awful,” said Miramontes. “I couldn’t function day to day, I was missing work, and I had to keep making different doctor’s appointments to get some relief.”

Her allergies got so bad that she had to go in forsteroid shots twice within a 3-day span just to be able to function. 2015 was a terrible year for allergies in general, but even worse news for Janie and other allergy sufferers is that allergies are continuing to get worse and worse every year.

“It was time to try something different,” said Miramontes. “Enough is enough.” Allergy medication was simply not doing its job.

She heard about Texan Allergy & Sinus Center on the radio and decided to give it a try. Janie visited the Texan Allergy &Sinus Center William Cannon location in South Austin, and her allergy test came backing showing that she was allergic to 50 of the 58 different allergens tested for! Ranging from trees to dust to mold, there was something affecting her allergies throughout the entire year.

“The test gave me an idea of what was making me miserable and keeping me off my feet,” said Miramontes. “Something was messing with me at all times. I even learned I was allergic to my own dog!”

For Janie, that meant all year long there was something in the air (or in her home) meddling with her health. Trouble breathing, sneezing, and sinus infections were slowing her down to the point that she even had to miss work. She decided to start allergy drops to build a resistance to her allergies and start her path to long term relief.

“I knew I didn’t want to do injections. My husband went through it and it worked for him, but I didn’t want to have to keep making doctor’s appointments. I’m so happy drops were an option,” said Miramontes.

Her favorite thing about allergy drops? Simply the convenience of having this very safe allergy treatment at home. She knew they worked and was happy she didn’t have to visit the doctor every week to treat her allergies.

“The convenience of just doing three drops under yourtongue is great,” said Miramontes. “I knew I could do that. I didn’t have to carry an Epipen or keep driving to see my doctor.”

Over the past 2 years, Janie hasn’t been sick with a sinus infection or had to take any steroid shots.

“The drops have made a huge change and by telling my story I’ve already started getting others to think of drops as an option,” said Miramontes.

Now as oak, ash and elm pollen linger and grasses are blowing in the wind, Janie is breathing easy and able to do what she wants to do without having to think about her allergies. A short afternoon nap with her dog won’t cause a sinus infection that drives her crazy for a week. She’s finally living her life on her terms.

She’s currently on her very last bottle of allergy drops to ensure her relief is long-lasting and that she’ll be allergy free for years to come.  

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