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4 of the weirdest allergies you could have

‍One of the best parts of the allergy testingprocess is getting to see patients’ reactions to what they’re allergic to. Thesurprises are great, but it’s even better to be able to show people what aroundthem is making them feel sick. And before you get worried about people needingto get rid of their dogs – they don’t! That’s what allergy drops and dog brushesare for. While allergies to animals and feathers can be surprising to some, they’re notcompletely unknown allergies. Here are five things that you probably never knewyou could be allergic to.

#1- CockroachesA cockroach allergy surprises a lot people, but it’s actually pretty common. Socommon that it’s one of the 58 allergens our drops treat. An allergy to roachesis near impossible to find out about unless you’ve had an allergy test. Youwon’t be breaking out in hives at the thought of them, but they can cause hayfever like symptoms when they are around. For some people, it’s not the moldthat is making it hard to breathe in their homes, but something else that is intheir walls.

#2– Exercise

Being allergic to exercise might be something youhear your co-workers joke about, but it’s something that is real andpotentially very dangerous. People who are “allergic to exercise” are moreprone to experiencing an allergic reaction to a food they recently ate beforethey exercise. This condition is called Food Related Exercise-InducedAnaphylaxis. You can experience symptoms from hives to vomiting, fainting oreven anaphylaxis. The increased blood flow and heart rate make their body proneto reactions than they wouldn’t be sitting idly.

#3-  Sweat allergy

Another way you could be allergic to exercise orheat in general, is a condition where you’re allergic to sweat. Sufferers ofthis allergy have been identified in Japan as having hypersensitivity to theirown sweat. It may also be what is referred to as one of the cholinergicurticarias. This can cause short-lasting hives that cover that skin due tosweat or heat

#4– Allergic to money

There are two ways that people can actually beallergic to money. The first is an allergy to the nickel that make up all ourcoins. People that suffer from this allergy can actually get dermatitis ontheir legs when carrying change in their pockets. The second way to be allergicis by having a reaction to the actual ink used to print bills. Handling a largeamount of paper money could cause asthma and hay fever-like symptoms.

A lot of people unknowingly suffer from allergiesthey don’t know they have, get a proper allergy test to learn how you can startfighting your allergies and breathing better.