February 8, 2024

How Jaclyn Found Relief With ExACT Immunoplasty

Embark on a journey of transformation as we invite you to follow the inspiring story of Jaclyn, who experienced life-changing results with ExACT Immunoplasty. Through her heartfelt testimonial, witness firsthand the remarkable impact our innovative approach had on her life.

1. How was your experience with allergies before starting the treatment? What were you allergic to before? 

For most of my early life, I didn’t know I had allergies. My parents and I never connected being sick every year at certain times to allergies. We just thought I got sick a lot. I grew up in the Hill Country, surrounded by trees and grass, so it seemed unlikely to us. As I got older, I knew I had allergies but they were manageable with OTC meds. In the last 10 years, my allergies got worse. It was so bad that I was taking meds year-round and was sick so often. Since 2019, the allergies got so bad that I had bronchitis multiple times, I was missing a lot of work, I had daily headaches and so much post-nasal drainage, which caused coughing and clearing the throat constantly, had soooo many ear infections, and even had walking pneumonia.

When I finally got tested in January 2023, I found out my top 3 allergens were oak, cedar, and ragweed (some of the worst allergens in San Antonio). I had no idea! It finally made sense why I was sick year-round! I was shocked by my results because I was wildly allergic to oak and cedar. The bumps on my arm were huge. But I am so thankful for the testing, because with the information, I was so ready to improve my life. 

2. What were the specific symptoms or challenges you were facing?

As stated above, the allergies got so bad in recent years that I got bronchitis multiple times, I was missing a lot of work, I had daily headaches and so much post-nasal drainage which caused coughing and clearing the throat constantly, soooo many ear infections, and even had walking pneumonia. I was taking meds daily and those were starting to lose effectiveness. I had to upgrade to the mega-Sudafed you get from the pharmacist, which then raised my blood pressure because I was on them so long. It was not going well.

3. In your opinion, what sets this allergy treatment apart from others you may have considered? Were there specific features or aspects that stood out to you?

I originally signed up for the weekly shots. It was covered by insurance and seemed easy. I saw the poster for the ExACT shots in the Aspire clinic but I wanted to take the cheaper route. After I signed up for it all and went home, I started thinking if I wanted to deal with all of this for 5 more years while these shots build up immunity. I didn’t want to be sick all the time anymore. I called Aspire back and we discussed options. I wanted relief and the ExACT shots were done in 8 weeks. So I decided that was my best option in hopes of an improvement.

4. Can you describe the changes or improvements you've noticed in your allergy symptoms since beginning the treatment? Were there any unexpected benefits? 

What hasn’t changed?!?! This was the first Christmas/New Years that I wasn’t sick in my 42 years!! It was so nice to not have to skip festivities or just be miserable if I attend. I made it through cedar fever with minimal aspirin and allergy pills. Only had to take some meds when the cedar was mega high! 

I don’t clear my throat and cough constantly anymore. I was always so congested I couldn’t smell well. Now I can smell better! No headaches! No drainage into the stomach making me sick. Not wheezing when I do any activity.

5. What are some things that you're able to do now that you're free of allergies?

I can breathe effectively! Yay! I can do everything without wheezing! I can now mow my own yard. I couldn’t before because the pollen kicked up by the mower would cause me to be sick for days. I can help my dad trim my trees. I can go home to my parent’s ranch and help them with outside projects. I can walk my dog without a Kleenex in my pocket! A lot of those things are small, but when added up, are a fuller life! 

6. How would you rate the overall effectiveness of the treatment in managing your allergies? Have you experienced a significant reduction in symptoms or an improvement in your quality of life?

It has improved my life 99?%. It has given me my life back! I can go out and do activities now without worrying I will be sick the following days. I still am bothered by cedar when it’s very high, but that’s only a few days during the cedar season. It’s so much better taking a few pills here and there. I am ecstatic with my results.

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