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How to survive food and seasonal allergies this Easter

Easter comes with fun traditions, activities, andtime spent with family and friends; but most of these activities involve foodand the great outdoors. Unfortunately, for allergy sufferers this can presentsome issues. However, by following a few simple steps, anyone can join in onthe Easter fun.

Decorating eggs

When looking for ways to decorate eggs, there areplenty of alternative items to use in the place of eggs. You can use plasticeggs, wooden eggs, ceramic eggs – really anything egg shaped that isn’t an egg!

Also if you or your kiddos have reactions to thedye used to decorate eggs, there are plenty of fun ways to decorate your eggswhether it be with stickers, Decoupage, WashiTape, Sharpies, chalk paint, etc.

Fillyour gift baskets with nonfood items

Much like how we celebrate Halloween with the TealPumpkin Project, you want to avoid putting edible items in your goodie bags.This can be anything fun and small like stickers, glow sticks, bouncy balls,and various arts and crafts. Pinterest provides so many unique ideas that youcan do with your family to make creative Easter basket.

Usefood that (almost) anyone is safe to eat

There are brands that are very proactive inavoiding the use of common food allergens in their food products. Amanda’s own,No Whey! Chocolates, Enjoy Life Foods, YumEarth, and Surf Sweets are just a fewgreat companies who make chocolates and other candies that are free of the 8major allergens. Peeps and jelly beans are also a good choice for a festivetreat that is usually allergy free. If you’re looking to avoid tree nut andpeanut allergies but want to get some chocolate, Tootsie rolls are also a greatsnack. With all of these, still make sure to double check the labels.

Beready for spring allergies

Many Easter activities are spent outside in thewonderful Spring weather. In Central and North Texas, that means Oak season. InWest Texas, that means Mulberry. Make sure you take an antihistamine beforeyour outdoor activities so you can breathe clearly while you enjoy your day,and don’t forget to wash your face and hands when you come back inside so youaren’t carrying those allergens around with you. You can check out our blogs onOak and Mulberry allergies to learn more about the various spring allergies.

Easter is great time to spend with family andfriends, and allergies shouldn’t interrupt your family fun!