February 13, 2020

What to know when starting your journey on allergy drops

Allergy drops are one of the best, most convenient ways to get long term relief from your allergies. Your journey to allergy freedom is started and will help guide you on what you should expect when you first start allergy drops.

Allergy drops aren’t a “quick fix” for your allergies

When taking medicine, we’re used to taking something and starting to notice the effects of it pretty quickly, but allergy drops are not that type of treatment. Allergy drops are a commitment to treating the source of your allergy issues through your immune system. While there are treatments out there that are faster, they still aren’t going to address your systems in a couple of hours like over the counter medicine does. 

The good news is that while on allergy drops, you can still take your normal antihistamines, nasal sprays, and other allergy medication to address your symptoms. You’ll start noticing a decrease in symptoms anywhere between 6-12 months.

Allergy drops are an investment towards a better life

Unlike over the counter medicine that purely treat allergy symptoms, allergy drops address the source of why people suffer from allergies. Choosing to do allergy drops is a choice to invest for a better quality life. This is something extremely important to keep in mind whenever you find the time commitment or cost of allergy drops daunting. 

For chronic allergy sufferers, they’ve already spent way more on over the counter medicine for temporary relief than they would need to on allergy drops. With allergy drops, every drop taken  and every dollar spent results in a brighter future.

Remembering to take your allergy drops requires a routine

It can be super easy to forget to take your drops. We remember to brush our teeth, get dressed, and all these other (more difficult) things to do every morning, but it can surprisingly be a challenge to remember to take three drops throughout the day when you’re not used to it. 

Everyone has their different ways of adopting new habits, but all of them require some effort. We want to make sticking to drops as easy as possible which is why we created an app that will send you push notifications reminding you to take your drops. And that’s not even the best part, start logging your drops through the app and you’ll get some sweet rewards like Starbucks and Amazon gift cards. So not only will consistency get you faster relief, it will also land you some free coffee and goodies. 

The best way to take your allergy drops

When implementing this habit of taking drops, you’ll want to make sure you’re splitting them up into two or three separate parts of the day. Doing all three at once is much easier to do, but splitting up your doses will give you much better results. 

And always remember our 20/20 rule -- Hold the drops under your tongue for 20 seconds and don’t eat or drink for at least 20 minutes after taking your drops. 

Managing your symptoms while taking allergy drops

If you notice any allergy symptoms, remember you can continue to take your regular antihistamines and nasal sprays. If you aren’t doing regular nasal rinses, like a neti pot, starting these could introduce some big (and quick) relief! 

Symptoms are more common to pop up when starting allergy drops and when the dose of your drops increases. Any itchiness you feel after taking drops should resolve itself quickly. If you’re worried or frustrated with your symptoms, please call us at 866-526-1499. Our nursing staff can help you with ways to relieve your symptoms. 

Stay in touch with us while on allergy drops

It really helps make the process of becoming allergy free even smoother when you come in for a follow up every 9-12 months, so we can assess you and make sure you’re responding appropriately. This lets us know how to respond on our end when it comes to your specific dosage. The more we know, the better we can tailor your drops to your specific needs.

If you ever have any questions or concerns throughout your journey to allergy relief, book your appointment today!

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