December 3, 2019

The Fastest Way to Treat Your Allergies: ExACT Immunoplasty℠

Allergy drops and allergy shots are two amazing, clinically proven forms of allergy treatment that give patients years of relief. However, there are some patients who have trouble keeping up with the weekly or daily regimen.

That’s why we’ve introduced ExACT Immunoplasty℠ . ExACT Immunoplasty℠ offers the same relief you get from year years of drops or shots in just eight weeks.

What makes ExACT Immunoplasty work so quickly?

With drops or shots, we’re slowly introducing antigens, like mold or ragweed, into your immune system. Unfortunately, when going through the mouth or the skin, only tiny amounts are delivered to the lymph nodes. Once enough of the antigens reach the lymph nodes, the immune system begins to recognize them as harmless and the allergy symptoms begin to clear.

With ExACT Immunoplasty℠, we skip the middle man and go directly into the the lymph node. This dramatically speeds up the process so that you feel better quickly.

Why aren’t other allergy clinics offering this procedure?

This therapy has been studied approximately 13 times across the world over the last 20 years with great results.  We conducted the world’s first FDA registered, placebo controlled, double-blind study with Cedar to make sure we where comfortable with the safety and effectiveness.  Our study was successful and allowed us to become a site of excellence,  Not only do we offer the treatment, but we also train physicians to use the technique.  We feel that only in the hands of experienced medical providers can this treatment be done safely and with effectiveness.

Are there limitations for ExACT Immunoplasty?

We do not feel that it is safe to perform the procedure during pregnancy, and we limit the therapy to ages 12 and older.  Also, all of the scientific studies thus far have limited the number of antigens to three categories per treatment.  We can use mixes of antigens so that, for example, if you are allergic to seven different grasses, your grass treatment will only count as 1 antigen.  This allows us to broaden your treatment but we sometimes have to leave antigens out.  The concern is that too many antigens may dilute the therapy and harm the effectiveness.  The good news is that recent studies have shown that if we get your major allergies under control, we are also indirectly treating the rest.  We have also had a number of patients go through a second round to treat all of their allergies, so there really is no limit to how many we can treat.

Where is the ExACT Immunoplasty injection site?

We have lots of lymph nodes just under the skin but the least sensitive and easiest to find are in the upper thigh.  Most patients report minimal to no pain and all agree that it is much easier than getting blood drawn.

Each treatment is performed by a certified medical provider in an office operating room equipped with sonography and a guidance system.  The treatment generally takes less than 5 minutes followed by one hour of observation while enjoying coffee, snacks, and Wi-fi.  Patients get a total of three injections over a course of just 8 weeks!

Is there a clinic near me for ExACT Immunoplasty?

We’re bringing ExACT Immunoplasty ℠ to all of our clinics! To find a clinic near you, check out the clinic finder on our location page. If you’d like to do more research on ExACT Immunoplasty ℠, you can download our E-book for more in-depth information!

ExACT Immunoplasty ℠ is an exciting and life changing procedure for allergy sufferers, and we’re so excited to be introducing this to the world. Our mission is developing the best therapies for allergies and sinus issues.  We make allergy and sinus pain optional.

About The Author:

Chris Thompson, MD