May 6, 2019

Do Your Allergies Hide These Underlying Sinus Problems?

Sinus treatment isn’t the first thing most people think about when they hear about our clinic. They’ll think about allergy testing, or allergy drops, or even more recently, Oral Immunotherapy Treatment. You’ll even hear a lot more people call us Texan Allergy than our full name of Texan Allergy & Sinus Center. While fighting environmental and food allergies are very important things we do, our sinus treatment is just as important.

For every 5 allergy patients that we see, we find chronic sinus problems in 1. These are patients who don't even realize that they have sinus problems, they only notice the allergy component.  If that patient is not properly diagnosed, they're not going to see much relief with allergy therapy alone. Structural nasal and sinus problems don't go away unless they are repaired.

The modern way to repair sinuses - Balloon Sinuplasty

One thing we stress at Texan Allergy & Sinus Center is that we’re ahead of the curve, giving advanced treatment options to our patients. We’re one of the earliest adopters of allergy drops here in Texas, and one of the few clinics that have Oral Immunotherapy Treatment. This also carries into our surgical philosophy where we only provide the most advanced, minimally invasive treatments. Our surgeons began using balloon sinuplasty during its development, giving us a head start on the learning curve.  Although we get the most demand for our Balloon Sinuplasty procedure, we've developed a number of minimally invasive techniques.

Standard sinus surgery requires a significant recovery without providing substantial benefit over sinuplasty. It is shockingly more invasive, requiring removal of bone and tissue. Remarkably, this is still the procedure that most ear nose and throat surgeons use!  Balloon Sinuplasty has delivered a modern way to fix sinus drainage problems without tissue removal. It cleans, restructures, and can permanently repair sinus blockage, all with a tool that can fit in your pocket. Patients are normally back to 100% the very next day.

Once we mastered the technique of balloon sinuplasty, we didn't stop there.  We created an entire process involving patient preparation, anesthesia, and postoperative care to provide the best possible patient experience.  We have partnered with the most talented anesthesiologists to make the procedure completely painless. Within 15 or 20 minutes, our surgeons can gently dilate the blocked sinus openings with a tiny balloon.  The same tool plan allows vigorous irrigation to thoroughly clean the inflamed sinus cavity.

As you know, our doctors, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners have outstanding expertise in treating allergies.  That means we give our patients all the necessary resources to address both the allergy component and the structural components of their problems.  Why would you go somewhere else and only fix half of the problem.

What else do we have to offer?

Many of our patients also have structural problems such as septal deviation, polyps, enlarged turbinates, nasal sidewall collapse and allergic fungal sinus problems.  Our surgeons have decades of experience and have worked tirelessly to develop minimally invasive techniques to fix all of these problems without the usual pain, bruising, swelling, and nasal packing that most patients experience elsewhere. Texan Allergy and Sinus has always been laser focused on nasal and sinus problems unlike any other in the state of Texas. Just ask our patients.

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