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Aspire Allergy & Sinus Clinics in Denver

If you need allergy or sinus treatment in Denver or the surrounding areas, Aspire Allergy & Sinus can help! Our allergists and sinus specialists develop treatment plans customized to your unique sinus and allergy needs. Get relief that lasts – schedule your appointment at a Denver location today!

When you visit an Aspire Allergy & Sinus clinic, you’ll receive personalized care that includes an initial consultation designed to help us get to the root of your allergy or sinus issues. Check out our New Patient resources to learn more about what to expect from your first visit with our allergy and sinus doctors in Denver.

Services at Our Denver Allergy and Sinus Clinics

We offer a variety of allergy and sinus treatments at our Denver area clinics. Before you leave your first appointment, we’ll identify the allergy or sinus issues you’re experiencing and your Denver allergist or sinus doctor will present a customized treatment plan for you. Common treatments include:

Reasons to Visit Aspire Allergy & Sinus

Are you experiencing bothersome allergy and sinus symptoms? If so, it may be time to visit one of our sinus or allergy specialists in Denver. We take care of ALL your allergy and sinus needs under one roof, without the need for outside tests or scans. Typical symptoms our patients experience include:

  • Sneezing and Stuffy Nose
  • Facial Pressure or Pain
  • Itchy and Watery Eyes
  • Chronic Sinus Infections
  • Severe Food Allergy
  • Allergy-Induced Asthma

Denver Allergy & Sinus Treatment You Can Trust

Seeking allergy or sinus treatment may feel daunting, but Aspire Allergy & Sinus is here to put you at ease throughout the process. We are an elite staff of highly experienced allergists, sinus doctors, ENTs, and support team members dedicated to helping you get back to living your best life. We've treated over 30,000 patients and counting! Will you be one of them?

Receive personalized care that leads to lasting relief – schedule an appointment with our Denver allergists and sinus doctors today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my insurance cover my visit in Denver, CO?

We accept most major health insurance plans, including Medicare. While we do accept health plans from most insurance carriers, it’s important to know your plan's coverage. Most health insurance companies do not pay for allergy testing until the annual deductible is met, so it’s always a good idea to call your insurance plan to see where you stand in meeting your deductible and what the coverage is for allergy testing.

What are the peak pollen seasons for the Denver, CO area?

Denver, CO sees the biggest pollen spikes between mid-February and mid-October.

  • Between mid-February through May we have tree pollen season, seeing high amounts of elm, cottonwood, cedar, oak, and box elder or maple.
  • In late spring around the end of May or beginning of June is grass allergy season, seeing high amounts of Timothy and Bluegrass. 
  • July through November is weed season, seeing high amounts of ragweed, tumbleweed, russian thistle, and sagebrush.
What things are most likely to cause allergies?

Some of the most common environmental allergens include: grass, weeds, trees, dust, mold, and pet dander. 

Those who experience food allergies are typically allergic to one or more of the top nine food allergens, including: milk, eggs, peanut, tree nut, fish, shellfish, wheat, soy, and sesame.

What is Immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is a preventative treatment for allergic reactions. It works by injecting gradually increasing doses of the allergen into the body. This leads to decreased sensitivity to the allergen and often leads to long-lasting relief of allergy symptoms even after treatment is stopped.

Will I leave my first appointment with a treatment plan?

Yes! After a thorough evaluation of your symptoms, our providers will go over a detailed treatment plan curated for your needs.

Will I get my allergy test results on the same day?

Yes! You can learn exactly what you’re allergic to on the same day you have your allergy test. A provider will go over your allergy test results with you and can help determine what treatment plan will be best suited to your lifestyle and budget.

Meet Our Providers

Raweewan Hoontrakoon, MD

Carol Halle, FNP-CBC, AE-C

Kelli Eisenbrown, PA-C

Agnieszka (Agnes) Tyl, PA-C

"I loved this place. All the people there were so so nice. Every person I talked to asked if I had any questions about my procedure. They really took good care of me. It was very painless and if I had to do it again I would! Thank you for everything you guys"
- Jodie M.

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