December 20, 2018

What to Buy Someone Who Suffers From Allergies?

Buying a gift for a family member or friend that suffers from allergies can always be difficult.  Even if you know their exact allergies, non-allergy sufferers do not always have the trained eye for label reading and knowing what is helpful to prevent allergy symptoms.

Cedar can cause terrible allergy symptoms for so many people during the winter season that it’s a great time to help a friend or family member.  Don’t worry, we’re here to provide some examples of easy to find presents that will be a great gift for seasonal and food allergy sufferers alike!

Gifts for people who suffer from seasonal allergies:

For anyone: Allergy-free bedding and pillow cases – This is something that is a great gift for pretty much everyone! According to Asthma and Allergy foundation of America, dust mites could be the number one cause of year-round allergy symptoms. We spend about a third of our life sleeping, which means cozying up with these guys if you don’t have hypoallergenic bedding!

For the big gift: Air purifier – The king of eliminating allergens is an air purifier. Quality air purifiers eliminate almost all allergy inducing particles within a certain area, and make the air actually clean and breathable. During allergy seasons, pollen easily gets into our home and stir up our allergies.  On top of outdoor allergies, many people are affected by indoor allergens as well.  An air purifier inside your bedroom can go a long way to help with a good night’s sleep.

For the home with pets and kids: HEPA Vacuum Cleaner – Sealed vacuum cleaners with a HEPA filter can work wonders for allergy sufferers.  This is especially true if they have pets or kids that can drag a lot of dust and pollen into the home. These vacuums suck up dust and other allergens instead of spreading them further into the home.

For the coworker or acquaintance: Gift basket card for allergy sufferers – Who doesn’t love a good gift basket? Making a fun, personalized basket with your gift receivers best allergy fighting treats is a wonderful way to make a super helpful gift. Throw in some tissues, hand sanitizer, a neti pot or other saline rinse, and their favorite antihistamine or decongestant! If you don’t know what over the counter medicine they prefer, no problem. A $15 gift card to their local drug store gives them the freedom to pick whatever they need!

Gifts for someone who suffers from food allergies:

For anyone: Allergy friendly treats – It’s amazing how many common allergens make up most of our food. Luckily there’s plenty of brands that cater towards making allergen-free treats. Some of our favorites are Made Good Foods, Go Way Better, and Enjoy Life Foods.

For the foodie family: Subscription meal plan – Many places like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh allow you to gift a meal or gift card to their service. Families that must be aware of food allergies tend to cook a lot of their own meals! This makes the process so much easier by giving them a meal with ingredients spelled out and no waiting at the grocery store reading every label.

For the family that needs more time: Instant Pot and food storage – Everyone could use more time in their day and less time cooking, but for bigger families that have a lot going on—time is precious. We already talked about how tough it is for families with food allergies to eat out, so sometimes cooking at home is the only option. Something like an Instant Pot can be a godsend to families that need time because it allows easy cooking for large amounts of food. You may even want to throw in a food allergy friendly cookbook for inspiration!

Children’s books about food allergies – Food allergies and their impact can be hard for some kids to understand – specifically siblings who don’t have food allergies. There are tons of cute, fun children’s books like The Princess and the Peanut Allergy  that give kids an engaging way to learn about food allergies.

Don’t forget to treat yourself: The holidays are a time of joy so don’t forget to get something for yourself to conquer your allergies. If you’re tired of struggling every year with the same allergies throughout the year, try allergy drops and get long-term relief!

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