August 4, 2022

How To Prevent and Treat Allergies in West Palm Beach

There’s no doubt that West Palm Beach is beautiful and has so much to offer. Surrounded by the water, the palm trees, constant sunny weather, it’s definitely the place to be! The only thing that can be difficult about living here is the allergies. You may not have even known that the allergies could be bad here, but there are specific allergens to look out for, especially near the water where mold is known to grow. 

When is allergy season in West Palm Beach?

Because of Florida's great weather, it can mean that allergens like grass, weeds, and molds grow year-round. This can be an issue for a lot of people because they never get a break in between allergy seasons, making it a cycle of endless suffering.

Download our free allergy calendar customized for your area to track peak allergen seasons and identify what might be affecting you:

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What are the most common allergies in West Palm Beach?

Tree allergies

  • Oak trees - The most prevalent tree in Florida! Because of the temperate weather, oak season can start as early as December going all the way through May. Oak is considered to be a severe allergy because of how popular it is and how much it pollinates.
  • Bayberry trees - If you’re not familiar with the Bayberry tree it’s a tree that produces red balls of fruit (like a raspberry) that give off a scent when they begin budding. Floridians can be sensitive to this scent, causing unwanted sneezing and sniffles.
  • Cypress and Pine trees are also popular in West Palm Beach. They begin pollinating in January through April.


  • Ragweed is a severe allergy for many people. It’s especially worse in West Palm Beach because it’s not nearly as common as other allergens.However, when ragweed does spike, people’s immune system overreacts because this allergen is not something it fights on a daily basis.  


  • Grass season in Florida is typically year-round, but peaks from April through mid-October in West Palm Beach. Bahia grass is used in a large amount of Floridian home lawns causing it to be a major allergy.


  • Due to Florida being by the water, humidity tends to be a lot higher here in West Palm Beach causing mold to grow in unwanted areas. Mold counts are much higher in the summer season, but can also grow year-round.  

Common allergy symptoms in West Palm Beach

Allergy symptoms are very similar to those of a cold or the flu. Oftentimes if you’re experiencing these symptoms for over two weeks, it’s most likely allergies.

  • Sneezing
  • Itchy or watery eyes
  • Nasal congestion
  • Itchy or scratchy throat
  • Coughing or wheezing
  • Difficulty sleeping

If you’re unsure of what your symptoms could mean, take our quiz to help decipher what you’re suffering from!

Allergy treatment options in West Palm Beach

At Aspire Allergy & Sinus we offer a variety of allergy treatments for both seasonal and environmental allergies. We have clinics located in the Wellington area, right in the heart of the Wellington Medical Center, directly across the mall at Wellington Green! Stephen Schmalbach, MMS, PA-C specializes in Otorhinolaryngology and is passionate about finding effective solutions for chronic allergy and sinus sufferers. They offer comprehensive care for children and adults in environmental allergies and sinus services in the West Palm Beach area! Be sure to make an appointment at our West Palm Beach Clinic! 

Allergy Shots (Immunotherapy) - If you’re looking for a routine for your allergy treatment, then this is the treatment for you! Allergy shots are an injection treatment that help desensitize you to allergens by exposing you to small amounts of allergens over time. The shots are administered by a provider in the office either weekly or bi-weekly. 

Allergy Drops (Sublingual Immunotherapy) - Allergy drops are the new allergy treatment that is easy and convenient because they can be taken anywhere! They’re great for those on-the-go and allow you the flexibility to take it whenever! 

ExACT Immunoplasty - ExACT is a new, innovative treatment that eliminates your allergies in just 3 quick visits! This treatment is proven to be just as effective as 3 years worth of allergy shots, but done within 3 appointments over the course of 8 weeks! 

Don’t let allergies be the reason you aren’t enjoying the amazing beaches in Florida! Whether you suffer from seasonal allergies or year-round allergies in West Palm Beach, help is available in the form of allergy testing and treatment. Don't let your symptoms rule your life any longer, and find out how allergy testing in West Palm Beach can help you achieve allergy relief, book your appointment online today!

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