April 21, 2022

All You Need to Know About Allergies in Victoria, Texas

In Texas, everything is bigger and better, including allergies! Texas is known to have some of the worst allergy seasons in the country, as the hot and humid weather creates the perfect conditions for growing pollen.

Because Victoria, Texas is so close to the Texas Gulf Coast, there is another layer of humidity added to the environment, and has become a breeding ground for pollen. This means a very short or non-existent rest period for allergy sufferers, as the allergy season in Victoria nears to be year-round.


What are the Most Common Allergies in Victoria, Texas?

Cedar Trees (also known as Juniper trees)

  • Cedar fever begins after the first freeze, usually in December.  Cedar season usually lasts through mid-February but it is fierce and can produce large smoke-like clouds of pollen in the air.

Oak Trees

  • Oak season starts in the spring and is the pinnacle of spring allergy season in Victoria, Texas. Pollination starts around late March to early April and leaves its yellowy-green dust just about everywhere. It usually lasts until mid-May.

Grass Pollen

Late spring to early summer is when grass pollen begins to pick up in Texas. Many types of grasses can cause grass allergies. The most common grass allergies in the Texas Coastal Bend area are:

  • Bermuda grass

  • Timothy grass

  • Johnson grass

  • Rye grass


  • Because Victoria is near the coast, it is a hotspot for mold spores to thrive in damp and humid environments. 

Ragweed pollen

  • One ragweed plant can produce a billion seeds of pollen. In Texas, Ragweed season typically begins in mid-August through October or November and can be just as bad as spring allergy season. 

Common Allergy Symptoms:

  • Excessive sneezing

  • Allergy fatigue

  • Headaches

  • Itchy, burning, or watering eyes

  • Wheezing or shortness of breath

  • Coughing

  • Hives or rashes

While antihistamines and over-the-counter medication can help the problem short term, immunotherapy is the most effective way to relieve allergies long-term.


These symptoms tend to mirror cold or flu-like symptoms. A key indicator to tell the two apart is the timeline. If you are experiencing these symptoms for more than 10 days, it is more than likely that allergies are the problem. If you are still unsure of what it is you can take our quiz to find out more information.


Tips to control allergies:

  • Allergy testing is the first step in preventing and treating allergy symptoms.

  • Frequently clean your home of dust

  • Allergy calendars can be customized to your area to help determine which specific allergy season it is

  • Use air purifiers inside to keep pollen and dust out of the home

  • Change bedding and sheets regularly and wash with hot, soapy water

  • Close all windows and doors when pollen levels are high

  • Check the Victoria allergy report daily. This can be done from your local Victoria weather app or pollen.com

What Type of Allergy Treatment is Available in Victoria, Texas? 

At Aspire Allergy & Sinus, we offer a variety of allergy treatments for both seasonal and environmental allergies that meet your needs and lifestyle. 

Allergy shots are popular among those who have health insurance and don’t mind coming into the office on a weekly basis. 

Allergy drops are great for children and busy adults. With three drops under the tongue each day, it’s easy to tackle allergies with this treatment. 

And coming soon in the Fall of 2022, ExACT Immunoplasty will be an option for those who choose to treat their allergies quickly and effectively. ExACT Immunoplasty is a three-injection series that can eliminate or significantly reduce allergy symptoms in just three visits. Dr. Robert E. Harvey will be performing this procedure in Victoria, TX. He will be the only board-certified allergist performing this procedure in Victoria and the surrounding areas. 


Allergies shouldn't have to keep you from experiencing the beauty and climate of Victoria!

We have 2 clinic locations in the Coastal Bend area! Our Victoria clinic is located near Main Street (Highway 87). Our Beeville clinic is located right off of Highway 181!

Our awesome Coastal Bend team consists of, Dr. Chris Thompson, sinus medical director/sinus surgeon, Robert E. Harvey, allergist, Katie Olson, NP, and Sarah Lewis, MSN, FNP-C! 

Here at Aspire Allergy & Sinus our team of experts are trained and experienced in testing, diagnosing, and treating allergies. Stop depending on short-term, over-the-counter solutions and book your appointment online today! 

About The Author:

Robert E. Harvey, MD

Robert E. Harvey, MD received his BS in Chemistry from University of Missouri, Columbia in 1971. He graduated from Baylor College of Medicine in 1974. He completed his residency in Internal Medicine (1977) and a two-year Fellowship in Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (1979) at Wilford Hall-USAF Medical Center. Dr. Harvey is the only physician in Victoria and the surrounding counties that is Board Certified in both Internal Medicine and Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology.