December 2, 2019

Allergy Drops: 5 Things You Need To Know

We might be a little biased, but allergy drops are pretty amazing. The sheer convenience and effectiveness of them is unmatched in any other form of allergy immunotherapy. So just what is it about allergy drops that makes them such a great option for allergy sufferers?

1) Allergy drops are uniquely tailored to each patient’s allergies

The reason drops (and allergy shots) are so effective at treating allergies is because they’re made specifically to the patient’s unique allergies. Using our test as an example, we test for 58 different allergens and compound our drops and shots based on those exact test results. Think of drops like a guide taking you through the jungle of allergies and the allergy test is the map that they use.

This is why over counter “allergy drops” available at grocery stores for specific allergens like oak or cedar allergies will provide little to no long-lasting relief. In order for these drops to be sold over the counter, the allergen needs to be heavily diluted, which means they are actually doing very little or nothing to treat allergies. Way to go, placebo effect!

2) Allergy drops are truly an at-home treatment

Sometimes it can be a little hard for patients to believe, but allergy drops are taken completely at home and require no trips to the clinic once treatment begins. Drops are taken three times a day, every day at home – and that’s it! So after you come in for the initial allergy test and pick up your allergy drops in the office, you’re golden! We do like to have annual follow ups with patients to see how their symptoms are doing, but these can also be done from home through a virtual appointment system.

3) Allergy drops are incredibly safe

Understandably, many people might get a little worried about a medical treatment that’s taken at home without medical supervision. First, while there’s no doctor looking over your shoulder while taking your drops, you’re still in good hands.

Allergy drops are incredibly safe, and the risk of a severe reaction is very rare. Like, 1 in 100 million kind of rare.  That’s 10 times LESS likely than winning the lottery, and we all know how lucky we’ve been with that. This is compared to allergy shot therapy in which a person has a 1 in 10,000 chance of going into anaphylactic shock. We can’t overstate how rare it is to have a proper medical treatment that is this safe.

4) Allergy drops have been around longer than you think

Allergy drops as a treatment are only just now gaining mainstream traction, but are still pretty under the radar. So that must mean they’ve just been introduced, right?

Nope. Drops have been in the United States for several decades, but they’ve been a major way to treat allergies for our friends around the world for over 100 years! The treatment process has been improved over the years, but it’s been an effective way to treat allergies for quite a long time --- we’ve just taken a little while to get on board.  

5) You’re probably spending more on allergy medication than you would on drops

In reality the cost of improving your allergies outweighs the cost of just “dealing with it when you need to”.  

The “small”purchases of stacks of Benadryl and gallons of Nyquil stacks up quite fast, but it can be hard to measure just how much unless you’re actually tracking it. See for yourself with our medicine cost calculator!

Your money spent on allergy drops is also an investment you’re making on improving your quality of life. These drops you take now are going to pay dividends for the next several years in terms of allergy relief. The Benadryl you bought and took last December only helped you for that one day.

We’re not here to try to convince you to take drops. If you’re an allergy sufferer, you already know if drops are the answer. Just remember that the earlier you actually treat your allergies and not your symptoms, the faster you’ll be able to stop worrying about them.

If you’re looking to get long term relief from allergies, our allergy specialists at Aspire Allergy & Sinus can help you achieve long term relief from your allergies. Come see us and book an appointment today!

About The Author:

Kristen Malone Cragin, PA-C