Larry's Life After Balloon Sinuplasty

"I’m Larry Covert, originally from Mississippi but we moved to Texas about 15 years ago – best move ever.

Before Texan Allergy [now Aspire Allergy & Sinus], I would sometimes lay in bed at night, trying to go to sleep, having a difficult time because I was stopped up. And I would think, 'Is this ever going to end? Is this the way my life is going to be?'

I’d get cabin fever. If I can’t get out there and enjoy the outdoors at least once a week, it starts to get to me. And the kids are like, 'Okay you need to get outside.'

I’d had prior sinus surgery which was a really difficult, challenging experience on several different levels.

I met with Texan Allergy [now Aspire Allergy & Sinus] and they looked at my CT scan and they said, 'It looks like you need Balloon Sinuplasty, and this is going to be a rather quick and easy experience for you. It’s going to be much different than the invasive surgery you had before.'

And true enough, I had the surgery, I was there in the morning, I was out by lunch, shopping and out to dinner that night.

And now, I’ve got my life back. I can spend all the time I want with my kids outdoors, I can speak in front of crowds again, and I can just enjoy my life. I can smell, I can taste. I can exercise. I’ve never felt better."

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