What our patients have had to say about...

Allergy Drops

"This is the first cedar season in 29 years that I haven't felt miserable!

Thanks Texan Allergy & Sinus Center for my drops! They are more precious than gold to me."

- Nancy M.

"With the drops, I don't have to go out of my way to get weekly shots at the clinic. I can finally keep up with my treatment.

I'm getting relief and able to finally live my life. I'm indebted to Texan Allergy & Sinus Center."

- Joan H.

"Before starting drops, I couldn't even be outside long enough to mow my lawn.

Now I can be outside all day and not be affected by my allergies!"

- Reggie D.

"Texan Allergy has REALLY helped my husband with his cedar seasonal allergies. We just brought our son in too and getting him started on drops ASAP.

We were happy with our visit and would recommend."

- Catherine S.

"Texan Allergy helped me learn more about allergies than any other clinic I visited. They took the time to give me great tips for greater comfort.

The cherry on top is having the option of drops, was not looking forward to shots."

- Terry S.

"Tons of our friends told us how Texan Allergy changed the quality of their lives.

We're extremely happy about the improvement we've seen in our kids' symptoms. Plus the staff was very friendly and helpful."

- Conner B.

Texan Allergy has truly changed my life! Yearly I would get multiple sinus infections and would live off OTC medications to fight allergies.

Since I've been on allergy drops, I'm happy to say that I no longer suffer."

- Ciara N.

"Immediate results! My son has been asthmatic and allergic to 10 different things since he was a baby.

Now with the drops, he has been doing so much better for months!"

- Kaleb T.

Allergy Testing

"The office staff has been awesome. They send reminders and explain any missing insurance or documentation that is needed before appointments.

They always make sure we have everything we need."

- Richard S.

"For a not-so-pleasant experience of getting allergy tested, this was really a phenomenal experience.

We're going to get the drops and we've already recommended it to friends and family."

- Tara T.

"Everyone there was very nice and explained everything in detail!

It didn't even hurt like I thought it would. This was my first allergy test and I'm excited to get my drops."

- Malessa R.

"Excellent care for my little one! The office was clean and inviting. The medical assistant and provider were fabulous with her.

They eased her concerns by talking to her and gave her hope for keeping our pets."

- Gloria M.

Sinus Treatment

Sinus Treatment

Sinus Treatment

"I was super nervous, but they helped calm my nerves quickly. The place was clean, open and the staff was very nice and informative.

The provider was also wonderful and explained things well."

- Brandi S.

"The staff at Texan Allergy in Waco is top notch. From the moment I walked in they made me feel at home, friendly and fun.

They made my allergy testing fun which is weird to say. Highly recommend!"

- Kris D.

"The office is very welcoming and calm. The exam rooms were very comfortable and the wait time was minimal.

The allergy testing went seamless and to get my results at the end of the visit is great!"

- Reyna S.

"The entire staff is friendly, fun, funny, and caring.  I'm excited to see how the drops work!

I highly recommend this center to anyone who needs relief from allergies. You will NOT be disappointed!!!"

- Amy B.

Sinus Treatment

"My procedure literally changed my life! I can sleep through the night again and the circles under my eyes have improved. I feel like a new person. I can't thank these guys enough for giving me the relief no one else could, I only wish I'd done it sooner."

- Joann H.

"If you're reading this and wondering if you should finally bite the bullet and go through with it, the answer is YES. I cannot recommend them enough and have had nothing but positive experiences since the first time I walked in the door."

- Theresa A.

"I've had nothing but great experiences with them. I went in for allergy testing and discovered I needed a balloon sinuplasty and septoplasty. I was very nervous about everything but the doctor put me and my husband at ease."

- Mary N.

They really took the time on my first consultation to listen to me, get me checked, and give me options on what I needed to help me with my chronic sinus issues. I am excited and thrilled to have my old self back, and continue on track with pure wellness!

- Malcolm B.

I had my Balloon Sinuplasty on Tuesday. The care that I received was incredible. Two days after, I am feeling wonderful. The doctors and the staff are awesome. Thank you for a very pleasant experience.

- Warren F.

Nothing but positive words regarding my experiences with this office.

Thank you for your kindness and professionalism; I HIGHLY recommend your services.

- Angela L.

The Balloon Sinplasty was short, simple, and painless. The staff was friendly and helpful during the procedure. Would definitely recommend them to family and friends.

- Martin Z.

I had the balloon sinuplasty in March and after years and years of misery, I am finally headache free!

Looking back on FB memories, I had headaches all the time!

- Mia S.

Food Allergies

"Wonderful staff and thanks to Dr Silvers' immense knowledge on food allergies, we now know that my son is peanut allergy free thanks to his recommendation of a peanut challenge in the office."

- Bridget A.

"The provider made sure I understood what would be happening, explained the steps as they took place, asked if I had questions, and advised on options for next steps. Would highly recommend to anyone needing help with food or seasonal allergies."

- Tori K.

"One of my kids suffered from multiple food allergies with many anaphylactic reactions, ER trips, and constant fear.

They introduced us to oral immunotherapy (OIT) and now my kid eats his allergens daily with zero issues."

- Sharon E.

"We have been so happy with the care and responsiveness of the Texan Allergy practice in Cedar Park! Crystal, their provider is fantastic! We are excited to be pursuing a new journey of OIT and are ecstatic this treatment is available for him."

- E G.

Sinus Treatment

Sinus Treatment

Sinus Treatment

"This practice was extremely professional and friendly. They were very well-versed in OIT and made me and my child very comfortable. I really liked the physician, the PA, and the nurse that cared for me."

- Angelo G.

"I was amazed by how friendly and helpful the staff was at Texan Allergy!

After getting the environmental and food allergy testing done I now know what's causing all the reactions I'm having."

- Elliot W.

"I am beyond impressed with this office! I took my 2 year old son for food allergy testing and they were so great with him.

They offer snacks and a coffee bar. The staff was the nicest! I highly recommend you go visit them."

- Andrea E.

"They give clear directions on what to eat and what to avoid based on testing results.

They let us know what info they needed before the appt and sending reminders. Be prepared for genuine patient care with this practice!"

- Claire K.