Fight your winter allergies this winter season

Dallas, TX – December 6, 2016 – Cedar season is here and it’s starting to wreakhavoc on people’s allergies across the state.   

"Cedar is coming on and formany it’s the worst pollen season of the calendar year,” said Michael Calvin, physicianassistant of Texan Allergy and Sinus Center. “If you’re suffering from itchlike itchy eyes or throat, it probably is the cedar getting to you.”

The recent cold snap will onlytrigger more cedar pollen to spread and the best way to build a resistant toyour allergies is through immunotherapy.

About Texan Allergy & Sinus Center:

Texan Allergy & Sinus Centeris a statewide allergy and sinus clinic that started in 2012 under the care andsupervision of Dr. Christopher Thompson. The company has grown exponentiallysince then, adding several locations in Austin, San Antonio, Waco, Midland, ElPaso, and Dallas-Fort Worth. Having cared for tens of thousands of patients,Texan Allergy & Sinus Center specializes in sublingual immunotherapy forallergies by creating personalized allergy drops that can be taken by severelyallergic patients of all ages.

About Michael Calvin, PA-C:

Michael Calvin completed hisphysician assistant training at the University of Colorado Health SciencesCenter in 1991. He obtained his Master of Physician Assistant Studies  from the University of Nebraska Medical Centerin 2001. He specialized in allergy, asthma, and immunology as both clinicianand sub-investigator in clinical research for almost twenty years. In 1993 hewas a founding Board Member of The Breathe Better Foundation, thenot-for-profit division of Colorado Allergy & Asthma Centers, P.C., whichwas nationally recognized for Patient Care and Innovation by Mother's ofAsthmatics (MA) and the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

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