Practice Brings Groundbreaking, Proven Allergy Treatment Protocol to Florida; Allergy Sufferers Rejoice!

(Tampa, FL January 28, 2020) What if taking control of seasonal allergies was as simple as 1-2-3? Now it is!

Aspire Allergy & Sinus, a premier medical practice with locations in Texas, Colorado and Florida, is introducing an exceptionally fast way to treat allergies in its Tampa, Orlando and West Palm Beach practices. The amazing treatment, called ExACT Immunoplasty℠, has shown great success in the practice’s Texas locations and they’re excited to now bring the treatment to the Sunshine State.

ExACT Immunoplasty is a simple, three-step regimen for allergy sufferers that offers the opportunity to get rid of allergies for good. Here’s how it works:

Step One: Get allergy test (where they’ll test sensitivity for up to 58 allergens!).

Step Two: Get The ExACT Immunoplasty procedure (three intralymphatic injections over the course of eight weeks).

Step Three: Get back to enjoying life!

Clinical studies report a long-term success rate of 87% and those clinical studies have shown intralymphatic immunotherapy to be just as effective as three years of allergy shots. What’s intralymphatic immunotherapy? It simply means the injection itself is administered into the inguinal lymph node (located in the upper, inner thigh).

ExACT Immunoplasty offers many benefits when compared to traditional allergy shots, which often require weekly appointments with an allergist over a long period of time. For more information about the procedure or the practice, visit

Aspire Allergy & Sinus offers comprehensive allergy and sinus care under one roof. Formerly, Texan Allergy & Sinus Center, the multi-location medical practice has experienced significant growth since its inception in 2012, expanding its footprint across Texas and, most recently, into Florida and Colorado in 2019.

Known for making new and innovative allergy therapies available, Aspire introduced allergy drops to Central Texas in 2012 and the ExACT Immunoplasty procedure in 2019.

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