Sisters break free from allergies in just eight weeks!

"I used to lock myself in the house and wouldn't go outdoors. This treatment did work - it nulified my allergies."

Austin, TX -- Sisters Priscilla and Kristina never realized they had allergies, until they moved back to Central Texas after college. Both sisters noticed they had a particularly bad time during the winter when Austin and other parts of Central Texas have their infamous cedar season. These trees pollinate from December to February and put out so much pollen that the skies can look smoggy! 

Kristina also felt her allergies affecting her life throughout other parts of the year and took the initiative to get allergy tested and look at her options. Her test confirmed her suspicions of her terrible cedar allergy and she also learned how she had an allergy to her pets and many different molds.

The two sisters enjoying allergy free life at the beach!

However, the only treatment options available to Kristina during this time was either allergy drops or shots. Both very effective, proven ways to get years of relief from allergies, but they do take around three to five years to fully complete the treatment.

When a study opened up at Aspire Allergy & Sinus involving a new treatment that might have potential to provide long-term allergy relief, Kristina didn't hesitate to sign her and her sister up.

The treatment tested in the study, called ExACT Immunoplasty℠ involved three injections into the lymph node over an 8-week period. This intralymphatic immunotherapy introduces tiny amounts of allergens to the patient's immune system. Over time, this allows the immune system to immediately recognize the allergen as non-threatening, with a much more rapid reduction in allergy symptoms.

Kristina is now able to rock climb allergy-free!

Unfortunately for Kristina, she was given the placebo of this double-blind study and her sister, Priscilla, received the actual treatment. Both sisters caught onto this after the second injection where Priscilla was feeling great and Kristina wasn't so much.

Aspire Allergy & Sinus started offering the treatment to patients a few months later and Kristina came back to the clinic after the initial study to receive the ExACT Immunoplasty℠ treatment. Both sisters are now able to enjoy time outdoors again and are especially happy to be able to get through the winters without spending hundreds of dollars on allergy medicine.