Mix 94.7's Brad Booker:

"Allergies Made Me Miserable...
I Didn't Think Anything Could Help."

Mix 94.7's Brad Booker has suffered from allergies his entire life. His family even had to give away his childhood dog because he was so allergic to pet dander! When tested at Aspire Allergy & Sinus he reacted to all 58 allergens -- with cedar as one of the worst.

The allergies were so bad, he found himself saying no to outdoor activities in the winter months. To top it off, environmental allergens triggered his asthma. Tired of masking his symptoms with over-the-counter medications, Booker turned to Aspire Allergy & Sinus for help.

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"Allergy Drops Have Changed My Life"

Booker started allergy drops in 2014 and saw an improvement in symptoms within about 6 months. A year later, he noticed a dramatic improvement -- especially when Cedar and Oak seasons came around. (Want to know when certain allergens are at their peak? Download our Allergy Calendar here!)

When Tested At Aspire Allergy & Sinus,
Booker's Cedar Allergy Was Off The Charts

Today, he's enjoying life in Austin with his wife, two kids and their 13-year old Chihuahua, Wesley (from Princess Bride, of course!). Whether it's cedar pollen or pet dander, he’s not at all slowed down by allergies or the sneezing, itchy eyes, asthma, or any of the other symptoms that plagued him for years!

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