Patient Testimonials

"A fantastic place!"

Friendly office staff, assistants and doctors. I have been tested and received allergy shots here for almost 5 months now and have no complaints!!

- Brittany, Austin TX

"What a painless process!"

What a painless process! I kept hearing about the drops. I've been battling allergies for years but there was no way I was going to do shots. I kept on taking every possible medicine. The process is painless. The staff was great and I'm on my way to taking care of these dreaded allergies. If you've been thinking about it, give these guys a look...they're top notch!

- Cesar, Kyle TX

"Great experience!"

We had a great experience with my 10 year old son. The staff made him feel safe and not scared of the tests. Miguel was extremely patient and very pleasant with our son. I highly recommend this place.

- Cynthia

"Balloon Sinuplasty worked for me!"

Because of the Balloon Sinuplasty, I no longer have sinus headaches or have to deal with green hard mucus on a daily bases. I have more energy. I don't feel tired all the time. Thank you.

- Lisa, Arlington TX

"The best thing I've ever done for my allergies!"

I have been congested for most of my life. After having the Balloon Sinuplasty I have not been congested. It has changed my life. I feel good and do not have the sinus pressure that I have suffered from for so long. I would recommend anyone with severe sinus problems to be evaluated to see if the Balloon Sinuplasty would help them. It is the best decision I have made in a long time.

- John, Midland TX

"I can breathe again!"

The Balloon Sinuplasty was easy and effective!! Wish I had done it years before!! This office is amazing!! The staff is friendly and kind! I am recommending this practice to everyone I know who suffers from sinus issues! They are THAT good!!

- Kimberly, Midland TX

"Professional and caring medical staff."

I am able to sleep much better at night and am actually thinking more clearly without the constant pressure in my forehead. The office staff at the Midland office are very friendly and helpful. The medical staff have a very professional and caring attitude. The first time I visited the office, I felt that everyone here genuinely cares about their patients. I have told many friends and coworkers about both the Balloon Sinuplasty and the allergy drops, which are much more convenient than weekly trips to get shots. I would highly recommend Dr. Fulmer to anyone who suffers from chronic sinus infections and allergies.

- Cynthia, Midland TX

"The place to go for kids with allergies!"

From the ease of scheduling, the reminders, the testing and the follow-up, we couldn't have been more pleased. We tested my 2 year old and he did so great and the staff made him feel very comfortable. Sunny is wonderful and we were very lucky to get her as our provider. My 3 year old has been on the drops for 10 months and these past few weeks with the oak pollen would have been horrible for him had he not been on the drops. If you are considering drops for your children, this is definitely the place to go!

- Chrissy, Leander TX

"Everyone here is very professional and very courteous."

To start I would highly recommend this office in Midland Texas. Everyone here is very professional and very courteous. The office is kept very immaculate. I was super impressed my first visit when not only did we talk about my allergies, we were able to do the testing right then. My second visit I met the Dr. that would do my surgery, after a brief visit we did the CT scan, got the results immediately and set a time for my surgery. I was and still am super impressed and would highly recommend this location to anyone. My surgery went well and my surgeon was kind and gracious.

- Sheila, Austin TX

"I no longer have chronic sinus problems."

Dr Fulmer, Nikki, and the staff are amazing! Always polite and willing to answer questions. They are very thorough and explain the treatment process very well. I was very satisfied with the Balloon Sinuplasty procedure. Thanks to Dr Fulmer I no longer have chronic sinus problems, it's nice to finally be able to breathe again!

- Ladonna

"Great experience with Dr. Fulmer and his staff."

Great experience with Dr. Fulmer and his staff. I suffered from both allergies and sinusitis and they are helping me with both. I would recommend the Balloon Sinuplasty procedure to anyone with chronic sinus headaches or sinus infections. Dr Fulmer was very patient with me and explained everything thoroughly. The staff is also very kind. The follow up care is also second to none.

- Amanda

"I highly recommend!"

Stephanie, Erika D, Kelsey B, Cisca, Melissa, and Anita have been a joy to get to know. I have been coming to the Round Rock location for three months now getting allergy injections. Every time I come in they greet me with a smile and ask how I am doing.

- Chris, Leander TX

"Allergy drops are a great solution for kids."

I’ve been practicing pediatrics in Round Rock for 20 years, and I’ve seen great results when I’ve referred my patients to Texan Allergy to get allergy drops. No parent wants to see their child in pain and of course with the allergy drops there’s no pain involved, and patients – especially the parents of my patients - enjoy the flexibility of taking the drops at home rather than coming in for shots on a regular basis. I’ve seen patients have close to 100% reduction in allergy symptoms, improved eczema and improved asthma. Also, they had to use much less Claritin and Zyrtec and even nasal sprays for their allergy symptoms. I would recommend allergy drops to my patients because it’s a safe therapy, and it’s effective. It’s easy to do. The children take drops at home on a daily basis; they don’t have to take time out from school to go to the office to take shots. It’s a win-win for everyone.

- Dr. Ray de Haro, Pediatrician

"I don't know why I waited this long."

I came about a week ago to finally get tested. Overall the procedure was easy, and I really appreciated that everyone there explained things clearly every step of the way. On the second part of the test (upper arm), I had a relatively rare reaction that caused me to feel a little sick. But they were on top of it, they had me lie down and waited until I was definitely ok before letting me go. As I expected, I'm allergic to a lot. But I've already started on the drops, and I can tell that it's going to be easy. If my allergies improve at all, it'll have been worth it! Given how easy everything has been, I don't know why I waited this long.

- Matt, Austin TX

"Courteous, informative and helpful"

Starting the process was very simple. Get tested and find out what you are allergic to on the first visit. Then I came in once a week for shots. I did this for about 3 months, but recently switched to the other option, drops in the mouth. It's basically about getting your body immune to the allergens. The office is very comfortable & clean. They have one of those single serve coffee makers, which is nice. The staff, including Stephanie and Candace at the front, are great. Very courteous, informative and helpful.I'm waiting to see if this coming winter it helps with my "Cedar Fever" (actually Juniper, not a real Cedar). I usually get it really bad. My co-worker started taking the drops a year ago from here and she didn't get Cedar Fever last winter at all. She used to always sneeze that time of year, just like me. So I started this Spring and hopefully by this next season, I won't be sneezing either!

- Al, Dripping Springs TX

"Very happy with the experience."

After living in Texas all my life I decided that it was time to find a cure for my allergies. I read about them in the statesman and I decided to give them a call. I found out that they not only had 1 office but many of them for patients to chose from, and luckily there was one close to home for me! That was a huge plus! I was scheduled same week, came into the office where coffee, tea, water & snacks are provided this was another plus; then I was taken back into the room and was given the option to even watch TV! I thought to myself... this is the type of office I'd like to come to for all my appointments! Anyways,I was greeted by a young man Miguel who was extremely pleasant. He went on to describe the entire testing, his bed side manners were above my expectations, and by the time I knew it I was all done! (it makes such a difference when you're in an office and the employees are compassionate about their job)I hope that everyone reading this review finds it helpful and will call this office to be seen and treated for your allergies! I have and will continue to refer family, friends, neighbors, etc!!I took my daughter for allergy testing and was very happy with the experience. Everyone was very helpful especially Anita who walked us through the entire process. It will be nice to actually overcome her allergies.

- Shevawn

"Service was amazing!"

My oldest son was having horrible allergy problems ranging from runny nose, cough, multiple throat infections and rashes. It was exhausting going to the doctors almost every week or two. My doctor and I agreed the next best thing was allergy testing and I'm so happy we made the decision to go!! Miguel was so kind and patient with my 6 year old. He made sure to check on him and walk him through the whole process. He was great! Plus, my son loved to be able to watch Netflix and play games. This was a great decision for my family and the service was amazing. We actually ended up going for my youngest son too weeks later! I recommend for any age to go to [Aspire] for all your allergy concerns and sufferings!

- Ashley

"Truly one of the best things I've done."

I moved to Austin a year ago and since my relocation I've lived on over the counter allergy meds. I finally decided to make an appointment with [Aspire Allergy & Sinus] so I could stop taking all of the pills and feel normal again. It's truly one of the best things I've done. The testing was easy and the staff was very informative. I visit the office weekly for my injections. Stephanie at the front desk is on top of things from the moment I walk in. Once I walk in i immediately receive my injections and wait briefly to make sure I don't have a negative reaction and then I'm on my way. I recommend anyone suffering from allergies to visit this location to at least get tested. You'll walk out informed, comforted, and on your way to allergy free days.

- Joshua, Austin TX

"Courteous and professional"

I have had allergies most of my adult life, but never could keep up with shots. I heard about them on the radio and decided to try the allergy drops.

They were very courteous and professional. Anita explained every step of the testing and the drops. The testing was pain free.I would highly recommend [Aspire] to my friends and family. They truly care about their patients.

- Tammy


The whole staff is amazing. I especially like Anita. I needed to get out of there in a hurry and she worked her butt off to do a 90 minute allergy testing in 60. It was definitely a team effort to get me out of there on time. I really appreciate the great customer service that they all show there.

- Chris