June 12, 2018

Prepping for Allergies at College 101

We see a lot of soon-to-be college kids who need to get their allergies under control. Allergies are a distraction you don’t want your child worrying about, which is why a lot of parents will get their child started on allergy drops. The drops can be mailed straight to their dorm, and there is no worry about getting shots in between classes.

What being on a college campus does to allergies

More often than not, allergies worsen in the dorm environment. A lot of dorms are older buildings which means a high chance of mold creeping into a lot of different places. The same problem occurs in buildings where they'll be taking their classes. Plus, student usually don’t exactly live dust and dander free.

Stress is another factor that comes with going to college. This puts a strain on the immune system and makes the body more susceptible to fatigue. This is a huge factor in why allergies are commonplace on a college campus.

What can parents do?

The best way for students to fight allergies in college is by building a resistance through immunotherapy like allergy drops. Allergies are mild during the summer, so getting on the drops now before peak allergy seasons gives more time for the body to build a resistance to these allergens. The challenge here is getting your college-aged child to remember to take their allergy drops three times a day. It’ll be easier for them to start a new habit this summer than trying to start a new habit during the school year. The best way to get them accustomed to taking the drops is by having your child take them after brushing their teeth. They can leave the drops out next to the toothbrush and it will easily become a part of the morning and evening routine.

Another way to help is by sending care packages to your child. You can put in a personal note and a reminder along with the snacks and extra Benadryl you put in the care package.

By doing this, you don’t have to worry about allergies getting in the way of your child’s college education.

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